The Muse

When The Muse is present things change. Reality bends and becomes an illusion. Quantum possibilities emerge. The Muse is a feeling, a spirit of potential. She is crafty, full of life, and irresistible. She seduces the idea of what is normal and so it becomes paranormal. The power of The Muse lies in the unknown, it’s not physical, it’s spiritual.

Inspiration is one thing. You can be inspired and sit on your ass all day and do nothing about it. Or, you could be inspired (catch the Muse) and create a masterpiece. Action is what makes the difference.

To become your own Muse is to take back your power and use it to turn yourself ON. It’s time to stop living on autopilot and embrace our power.


Let’s officially meet!

Tobi Ann Ewalt

Transformational Human Design Coach

 It only took one reading with this phenomenal lady for Nora to realize it was time to start the Female Coach Collective. WIth her signature program “Become The Muse” she takes life coaching & Human Design to a whole new level –  helping you build a juicy and sexy relationship with yourself,  so that you can excel in life and business. Her favorite things are her dog, Winston, reading non fiction (self discovery) books, rooftop terraces, an Aperol Spritz and an afternoon to enjoy all of them together.