Ignite Your Money Mind

You are here to do more than just pay the bills or wonder why you can’t get a financial break. You’ve started your coaching journey to support your lifestyle (Just like us). And you secretly know that! And you definitely want that for you. The secret sauce?

Inside of Ignite Your Money Mind this is NOT a secret anymore. This revolutionary program is designed to change your financial reality from day 1. 

The Ignite your Money Mind membership has been carefully designed to combine money mindset coaching with a holistic financial approach that tackles the blocks stopping you. 


Let’s officially meet!

Alejandra Rojas

Financial Expert & Money Coach

Alejandra is helping new entrepreneurs to become the most profitable version of themselves, using her highly effective M.E.S.S. method.  After reaching rock bottom, when a money burnout re-activated an old life threatening sickness again, she knew she had to design a method to prevent this from happening again. Ever since, Alejandra and her clients are crushing goal after goal, in life and in business – from travelling, dream weddings to more income! Alejandra is always on the move, soaking in the beauties of the world. She shares tons of golden nuggets on her podcast – The Happy & Wealthy Podcast.