Ignite Your Abundance Frequency

Abundance is a birthright. The second we are born, we naturally align with all the powers the universe has given us. And then life happens …

Slowly, but steadily, we see our powers fading away, overthrown by self-doubt and limiting actions. Until we get a taste of that spark of who we once were. It’s not even a memory. It’s a feeling.

We boldly begin our entrepreneurial journey, just to find out that those shadows are hard to push aside. Tune in with that magical self again and allow abundance in every area into your business, life and even relationships. 

Book a single session to create a roadmap to connect yourself again with these universal magnetic influences. It’s already yours. Time to claim it!


Let’s officially meet!

Tami Jordan

Energy & Mindset Coach

Talking of a wealth of knowledge! Proving the world that it is never too late to pursue your dreams, Tami decided to turn her love for energy, the law of attraction and mindset into a transformational coaching business. Soon to allow her to quit her 9-to-5 and travelling around the world. Every new coach needs a Tami by their side! Self-doubt and procrastination will not stand a chance. Tami is not a stranger to traveling, visiting 20 countries with multiple times to Indonesia, India, and 4 years in Paris. She is also a dedicated mom and an enthusiastic gardener.